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Blue Mission Organization
Blue Mission is founded on humanitarian and egalitarian ideals. We believe in the intrinsic worth and dignity of every human being and are committed to the values of acceptance, self-determination, and respect of individuality. We believe in the obligation of all people, individually and collectively, to provide resources, services, and opportunities for the overall benefit of humanity. Our approach to development is holistic and based on human rights, with a psychosocial focus as its cornerstone. Through our programs, we have gained extensive experience raising awareness and building capacity through activities and trainings.


Blue Mission is an independent Lebanese organization based in Saida that promotes and protects the rights of vulnerable populations.


The purpose of Blue Mission is to create a culture of peace and empower every level of society so that Lebanon can confront and resolve humanitarian challenges and crises. We believe that everyone has the right to live free from violence and scarcity and to reach their full potential as an individual and as a member of a community.


Blue Mission´s vision is grounded in the support and empowerment of the individual, family, community, and the nation to maintain and respect the human rights of every man, woman and child.


Our programs focus on the following core activities: medical aid, mental health, education, peace-building, and community development.

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